Face of one, snout of the other: brand creates pajamas for pet and owner | Small Business & Big Business

It was the dog Blair who inspired Barbara Jordano to set up her pet clothing company. The businesswoman launched pajama kits for the animal and for the owner, matching, and the kit became a best-seller at the company.

The kit, called like mother like pet, consists of pajamas for the pet and for the owner or guardian, and a blanket. Items are made with soft, hypoallergenic fabric.

The company was created in June of last year. Now Barbara is even thinking about leaving her job as a stylist just to take care of her own business. Last month, it earned R$ 15 thousand.

The company makes the kit bespoke, and generally doesn’t charge more for it. She also writes handwritten notes for each client to establish an emotional bond with the client. The initial investment was R$2,500, to buy fabric, create the website and the first models. Much of the production is outsourced.

The businesswoman only sells on the internet.

“The mother who buys pet clothes is that mother who really treats her like a child, sometimes more than a human child,” says the businesswoman.

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