False doctor arrested in the act at a health center in São João Meriti | Rio de Janeiro

Police officers of 57th DP, in Nilópolis, arrested in the act on Saturday night (21) a man who pretended to be a doctor at the Medical Assistance Post (PAM) of St. John of Meriti.

The agents arrived at the scene after a complaint to the police station’s intelligence service, which warned about the presence of the imposter at the health post. The police investigated and found that he practiced on Saturday nights.

Man attended with stamp of another doctor

The man was arrested by an agent of the 57th and 64th Precinct, in São João de Meriti, while attending patients, and fined for falsifying a public document and illegally practicing medicine.

When agents arrived, a patient had just left the office with a man-made test order but signed by another doctor.

False doctor would have gone to cover on duty

The Health Department of São João de Meriti informed in a note that the alleged doctor he was an academic who is not part of the municipality’s staff. and who provided consultations on August 21 at the request of one of the medical staff of the São João de Meriti Municipal Hospital, the orthopedist Douglas Jeferson de Freitas, without this action being communicated to any person in charge of the unit.

The folder also informed that the orthopedist was immediately dismissed and that an establishment of ethical representation in the Regional Council of Medicine will be opened. The Health Department also highlighted that at the Municipal Hospital there are academics who fulfill the internship workload only in the morning shift and are always supervised by a responsible physician.