Fifteen bettors from Bragança hit the Mega-Sena court

Fifteen bettors from Bragança Paulista and Atibaia hit the Mega-Sena court. Nine of them, by the way, are from Bragança Paulista and the other 6 from Atibaia. The 15 matched four of the six numbers drawn at the Mega-Sena on Saturday night, 22nd, and with that, they will receive a prize of R$891.06 each.

A total of 6,285 bets from all over Brazil matched four of the six numbers drawn. In the region, in addition to the 15 residents of Bragança Paulista and Atibaia, there are also 8 bettors from Itatiba who hit the court, as well as 2 from Serra Negra, 1 from Socorro, 1 from Piracaia, 1 from Joanópolis, 1 from Vargem.

The numbers drawn in contest no. 2402 were: 06 – 22 – 25- 29 – 30 – 60

One lucky person from Teresina hit the Mega-Sena main prize and will receive R$ 40,953,827.25; According to Caixa Econômica Federal a total of 128 bets matched 5 numbers and bettors will receive a prize of R$30,626.84 each. This time, there are no winners from the Bragantina Region and Circuito das Águas in the corner.

The next draw takes place on Wednesday, 25 and should pay R$ 3 million.


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