Forró singer has death announced on the web after hacker invasion

Singer Taty Girl, known as the “Barbie do Forró”, had her death announced on her official Instagram profile. The post was deleted minutes later and fans despaired. But the column spoke with the artist’s team, who claimed to have been a victim of a hacker invasion.

“Her account was hacked. Just so you have an idea, she was sleeping when this happened. But I can assure you she’s fine. She was just scared by it,” said the singer’s press office.


In the message published by the hacker said that Taty Girl had suffered a cardiac arrest in the morning at her house in Fortaleza (CE), and that she had not resisted.

“I was sleeping, I’m still in my pajamas. I’m all shaking. I woke up with a start, everyone calling me to find out about death. They hacked my account, they’re trying to get it back. Internet is without limits. Land without law”, the singer vented in a sequence of videos sent to the column.