French League calls Olympique and Nice to meet after “serious incidents” between fans and players | french football

The so-called “Mediterranean derby” at the Riviera stadium was interrupted 30 minutes into the second half when local fans threw a bottle of liquid into the back of Olympique Marseille’s Payet, before taking a corner kick. The midfielder got angry and retaliated, with the support of teammates. As a result, there was invasion of the lawn, aggressions, and the match had to be stopped. Paralyzed for over an hour, it had a restart authorized by the referee. But as the visiting team refused to return, the match was suspended.

“After the serious incidents of the OGC Nice vs Olympique Marseille match, the LFP Disciplinary Commission summons the two clubs for the session on Wednesday, August 25, 2021”, says the French league note, which will define this day whether the result of the match remains when suspended (1-0 for Nice) or not, as well as possible punishments.

  • Nice fans throw objects on the field, invade, fight and stop the game against Olympique
  • Olympique players leave injured after confusion with Nice fans

Luan Peres, ex-Santos, got his neck scratched after the confusion between Olympique and Nice — Photo: Reproduction / Internet

According to sources heard by the GE, the atmosphere at the Rivera stadium was one of total chaos and “too much shame”, with the Olympique delegation having to stay a few hours inside the venue before having security to leave. When they arrived in Marseilles at dawn, the team’s bus was greeted with a party by local fans.

NIce police, who have arrested just three minors in the mess, are investigating the case, while the French League studies until Wednesday what action to take to clean up the image of local football. After all, according to “L’Equipe” newspaper, the league hopes to expand its commercial reach after Lionel Messi joins PSG, with new TV markets and increased sponsorship for everyone under discussion. However, the shameful scenes in Nice last night make this task a little more difficult.

Confusion during the game between Olympique and Nice involved athletes and fans — Photo: AFP

The president of Olympique de Marseille, Pablo Longoria, explained the club’s decision not to return to the field to continue the game.

— We decided not to continue the match for the safety of our players. This is the second time this has happened, there was another case in Montepellier, and on that occasion we continued. What happened today is completely unacceptable. We have to set precedents for French football,” said Longoria.

Nice president Jean-François Rivière took the field to try to control the turmoil. The home club expressed itself about the episode on social networks, but in a descriptive way, without reprimanding the fans for the invasion of the pitch, and highlighted that it was the “only team” to be ready to continue the game.

“I know very well that the match could have been resumed.” I was sure that everything was fine. Unfortunately, the Olympique didn’t want to – declared Jean-Pierre Rivère, at a press conference.

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Jorge Sampaoli is restrained by security, coaching staff and Olympique de Marseille players in the confusion with Nice fans — Photo: Valery HACHE / AFP

Gerson is held back by Olympique de Marseille teammates in front of Nice fans who invade the pitch — Photo: Valery HACHE / AFP