Galaxy M32 shows how Samsung differentiates Galaxy A and M lines | official battery test

Samsung closed the first half of the year introducing the world to the new Galaxy M32. The proposal of the South Korean giant with the cell phone is to offer a large-capacity battery and a 90 Hz screen, as well as a low price for the Brazilian market.

Recalling the complete set, we have 6.4-inch AMOLED screen with FHD+ resolution and 90 Hz, MediaTek Helio G80 platform, 4GB or 6GB of RAM, 64GB or 128GB of internal storage (expandable memory with MicroSD card), camera 20 MP front, four rear cameras (64 MP / 8 MP / 2 MP / 2 MP), digital scanner on the side, P2 port, Bluetooth 5.0, 6,000 mAh battery with 25W fast charge, and Android 11 running under the One UI 3 interface.


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Samsung Galaxy M32

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Our official battery test runs with various popular apps, games and services on timed cycles until the battery completely depletes, and is given a standby time between cycles to track consumption in the background. Screen brightness and network settings are standardized so that we can draw a parallel between all the models that have passed through our benches.

The apps present in the cycles, and their certain execution times per cycle, are:

  • 6 minutes of use (each) – WhatsApp, Youtube, MX Player (offline video), Spotify, PowerAmp (offline music) and Chrome;
  • 1 minute (each) – Pokémon Go, Asphalt 8, Subway Surfers, Candy Crush, Modern Combat 5 and Injustice;
  • 4 minutes of 3G/4G calls;
  • 2 minutes of use (each) – Facebook, Gmail and GMaps


After our tests with the Galaxy M32, we got the following results:

  • It took 28 hours and 46 minutes for the device to turn off;
  • The screen remained on for 14 hours and 17 minutes in the period;
  • We performed 21 complete test cycles, including:
    • 126 minutes of browsing on Chrome;
    • 630 minutes of WhatsApp, Spotify, PowerAmp, MX Player and YouTube (126 minutes each);
    • 126 minutes of games (Pokémon Go, Subway Surfers, Candy Crush, Injustice, Modern Combat 5 and Asphalt 8);
    • 126 minutes from Facebook, Gmail and Google Maps (42 minutes each);
    • 84 minutes of voice calls via 3G/4G;
  • The most consumed app was YouTube.


The Galaxy M32 is a great case to exemplify Samsung’s difference in care with its Galaxy A and Galaxy M lines. Even though it basically brings the same set of specs as the Galaxy A32, including processor and screen, the Galaxy M32 fared worse on ours. practical consumption test, which becomes even stranger when we remember that it has 1,000 mAh more battery than its “lost twin” from the “most premium” series.

We had a reasonable advance in autonomy compared to the Galaxy M31, it’s true, and the device is able to easily surpass the Moto G30, but it didn’t even come close to the mark reached by the Realme C25 or other devices present at the top of our autonomy ranking. .

With that, we can say that the Galaxy M32 will be able to deliver up to two days of moderate use without major problems, but if you’re looking to spend a lot of time away from the socket, it’s worth saving a little and going with the Galaxy A32, which will have 2 GB less RAM but brings a more polished system, being able to deliver basically the same experience in basic use with better autonomy.

Transmission closed!

8/20/2021 – 17.54

There were 28 hours and 46 minutes of use in total, with 14 hours and 17 minutes of active screen. The update of the agenda above brings the summary of the test. Thank you for the company.

8/20/2021 – 17.52

And the Galaxy M32 has just shut down.

8/20/2021 – 17.36

We’re back, still with a 2% charge.

8/20/2021 – 05/17

Twenty-one full cycles and we now have 2% charge remaining going to another break.

8/20/2021 – 14.16

And we are about to start cycles 19, 20 and 21, with 14% of charge still remaining.

8/20/2021 – 12.57

Eighteen full cycles and we now have 14% charge remaining. One more triple pause and soon we return to cycles 19, 20 and 21.

8/20/2021 – 09.29

We are already running cycles 15, 16, 17 and 18, starting with 34% load.

8/20/2021 – 07.28

We are turning the device back on to count the standby time, then we come back with a few cycles.

8/20/2021 – 02.47

We are turning off the cell phone to continue the test in the morning.

8/20/2021 – 02.46

Fourteen cycles in the account and we now have 35% charge remaining.

8/20/2021 – 01.52

Returning to cycle 14 still with 41% charge.

8/20/2021 – 01.37

Thirteen full cycles and we still have 41% charge remaining.

8/20/2021 – 00.30

We are running the thirteenth cycle, starting with 46% load.

8/20/2021 – 00.26

We completed the twelve cycles.

8/19/2021 – 20.31

And here we are back to go through cycle 12, starting with 63% load.

8/19/2021 – 18.40

Eight full cycles and we now have 64% charge remaining.

8/19/2021 – 14.10

Now moving on to cycle 8, starting with 87% load.

8/19/2021 – 12.40

We will take a longer break after this third cycle and return soon with rounds 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8.

8/19/2021 – 10.43

Going back to the third cycle, still with 92% charge.

8/19/2021 – 10.16

We now have 92% charge remaining after two account cycles.

8/19/2021 – 09.23

We are running the second cycle.

8/19/2021 – 08.54

With only 2% charge consumption after the first cycle, we go to the first 30-minute break.

8/19/2021 – 08.04

First cycle in progress.

8/19/2021 – 08.00

Good Morning! M32 ready for test start.

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(Updated August 22, 2021, at 6:10)