Geisy Arruda sits in a crochet skirt and ends up showing everything by opening her legs

Geisy Arruda
Geisy Arruda is careless in a daring photo (Image: Playback / Instagram)

The model Geisy Arruda He returned to talk on social networks because of the look he decided to wear to enjoy the beaches of Ceará this week.

Totally inserted in the culture of the region, she bet on an all crochet piece and posed in style in Jericoacoara, refuge of the famous.

At the time, the internet celebrity crossed his beautiful legs while sitting down and wrote the following caption: “Friday”.

And in the comments, his admirers were elated by what they saw and raved about his beautiful legs.

Days before, they were also satisfied with a publication in which Geisy Arruda used of its attributes to sensualize and drive men crazy.

An example of this is that she posted an even bolder photo, in which she posed with her hands cuffed and her butt up.

The publication was made on the profile of her fan club and she insisted on reposting in Stories, taking her loyal audience to delirium.

Recently, Geisy Arruda opened up about her writing career and said she is about to release her third erotic book, revealing to those who think about sex 24 hours a day:

“It became my job. I just wrote a sex tale on Uber. So, I have to put my imagination to work and my libido has to be always on the rise. Of course, there are days when that doesn’t happen, especially in this time of pandemic”.

Geisy confessed that he prefers to be inspired by the facts of his life to be able to create the stories.

Sex in a car, in a bathroom at a club. These are things that happen in my life. I like to tell true stories, but it doesn’t always work. Then, we use our imagination, memories, because good sex we never forget. And good sex, in my hand, it becomes an erotic tale“.

Then, he guaranteed not to have stories with famous people:

“I don’t like to have relationships with famous people, but with anonymous people. I find it much more interesting to have an erotic tale with a doorman, a guy who comes to fix his television, his washing machine, than with a player who has thousands of women, a lot of money. I like to tell sex stories that are more real”.

The model explained that, for her, the important thing is for the reader to identify with what they are reading in order to feel part of the story. “They don’t have this glamor of artists. On the contrary, I run away from it. I want to make my stories closer to the reality of my audience, of those who consume my product“, he said.

Geisy ended by confessing that he hasn’t been related lately because of the pandemic:

My sex life is at a standstill. I have been very respectful of social isolation from the beginning. This moment of seclusion is very important, everyone protects themselves. Now we only have sex with PCR, we have to present documentation. Now the business has become bureaucratic“.

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