Gil do Vigor celebrates first flight in private jet: ‘I fought a lot’

Gilberto Nogueira, Gil do Vigor of “BBB 21”, was thrilled today when he made his first flight in a private plane. The Pernambuco native took the opportunity to recall the difficulties he has already faced in his trajectory and thanked his fans in an Instagram post:

Look eleeeeee!!! On ‘BBB’, I said I was born to be a Hollywood fag, and the servant’s victory came on a jet exclusive to me.
Still, as you know, I’ve gone through a lot of hardships throughout my life and it’s never been easy for me. I struggled a lot and with the support of the vigorous and vigorous, I am able to fulfill my dreams. What I can say is: ALLOW YOURSELF TO DREAM, always.
Gil do Vigor on Instagram

It is noteworthy that although Gil celebrated the flight in a “jet”, the plane is not considered a means of transport of this type, as it has propellers.

The economist also commented on his anxiety for his move to California, United States, where he will pursue his PhD.

“The biggest dream of my life comes in six days, and I want to share every moment of it with you, because soooooooo good things are coming,” he wrote, leaving Brazil next Saturday (28).

Famous people cheered in the comments on the post from Pernambuco. “Luxooo,” said Maisa. “Millions”, joked Mateus Carrilho. “Gil from Heaven”, wrote Mari Gonzalez, formerly of “BBB 20”.