Google terminates GPS app on Android 12

Last Wednesday (18th), Google confirmed the decision to terminate the Android Auto GPS app for mobile phones on Android 12. According to the platform, the app will be replaced by Google’s Assistant feature, which is integrated with Google Maps .

According to reports from the specialized website XDA Developers, the GPS app for mobile phones displayed a message about the end of service, warning that it would remain available only for compatible vehicles. The statement also instructed users to use Google Assistant driving mode on Android 12 phones.


Google says that although the app will no longer be available on Android 12, it will still be possible that users of previous versions of the operating system will be able to use Android Auto on their mobile phones.

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Android Auto for smartphones had as a “temporary” application, as Google Assistant’s driving mode took a long time to enter the market. So, the GPS app had two versions: one for cars and one for smartphones.

Now, with the end of Android Auto for mobile phones, the app will officially be replaced by Google’s assistant car mode. Since Google Assistant driving mode is integrated with Google Maps, available from Android 9.

The feature can even be accessed via the maps app and by voice command. If you want to access the feature, just open Google Maps, set a destination and tap “Start” or say “Ok, Google” and “Start route to [defina o destino]”.

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