Graciele Lacerda says Zezé Di Camargo is more jealous than she is

Graciele Lacerda and Zezé Di Camargo have been together for over a decade. Despite the long relationship, there is still jealousy between the couple, who announced their engagement in June this year.

“Zezé is more jealous, but nothing too exaggerated,” said Graciele Lacerda in an interview with Quem. “He doesn’t like me going out alone, wants to know about my company, if he hears any comments or notices looks from other men, he’s jealous. But when I’m with him, he’s super calm,” added the fitness influencer.

She also said that the two share all expenses. “Including, the works on our apartment are dividing all the bills,” he revealed, referring to the couple’s 225 m² coverage, valued at 2 million reais.

Today my income comes from my work on my social networks and from my weight loss program and yes, I can say that with these jobs I gained my financial independence. said the influencer

Zezé Di Camargo shows millionaire coverage