Guitarist of Alceu Valença and Ave Sangria dies

The musician and guitarist Paulo Rafael died today, at 66 years of age. The musician was hospitalized for cancer treatment.

Through Paulo’s official social networks, family members confirmed the death. The wake will take place today at the Penitence Cemetery, in Rio de Janeiro. Paulo’s body will be cremated around 13:00 (GMT).

It is with deep sadness that I communicate that my father, our friend, legendary guitarist and the love of my mother’s life, took flight. After a long battle with cancer, our warrior rested.

Alceu hasn’t published anything about his friend yet.

Paulo Rafael was also a member of Ave Sangria. On July 11th, the group congratulated him for another Paulo Rafael birthday and for the recognition that he started his career at Ave Sangria in the 70s.

Last year, Alceu and Paulo Rafael played together in lives for fans. There were, at least, two occasions: in May and in August 2020, as disclosed by them in the period. This in the pandemic and via transmission on social networks.

Outside of them and before the pandemic, the two formed a partnership of almost 40 years.

In an interview with Itaú Cultural about an occupation that was exposed between 2019 and 2020, Paulo Rafael spoke about the partnership between them.

Even with a difference between tastes — Paulo was more into listening to rock — the musician found a balance between them.

Something I admire is when Alceu goes on stage, he goes up. We’ve done a lot of show and he maintains a domain and tranquility. We came from the same region and we heard almost the same things, despite the generation gap, we managed to balance the arrangements. The ‘Alive!’ it was the beginning, we rehearsed a lot to reach conclusions. Paulo Rafael