Gusttavo Lima does a ‘private show’ for Andressa Suita. Video

Gusttavo Lima returned from the United States, where he made a series of performances to record his new DVD. And since then it has enjoyed the family company. This Sunday (22), despite guaranteeing that she would stay away from social networks to enjoy more moments with her husband and children, the model melted when she showed the countryman singing and playing the guitar on Instagram Stories. “Private show? We have“, said.

Discreet about their personal lives since Gusttavo decided to split from Andressa in October 2020, the artists have never talked openly about reconciliation, but have given several clues on the web over time. During the recording of his new work, however, the countryman didn’t skimp on the declaration of love. “Gabriel and Samuel, Daddy loves you. Hello Andressa, I love you too. Very much,” said the artist, moved.

In another moment of the presentation, Gusttavo Lima made a piquant promise to the woman, who did not travel with the artist because her children were unable to obtain the US visa in time. “Hello Andressa, kiss. Follow up, well. Daddy misses him. When Daddy arrives it’s going to be a mess,” he assured.

Son ‘invades’ the bed of Gusttavo Lima and Andressa Suita

In a rare moment of intimacy with her husband shared on the social network, Andressa Suita showed her youngest son, Samuel, 3 years old, lying on the couple’s bed. “You came to Mom’s bed, right? Who let you come here?”, asked the model. “Daddy,” Gabriel’s 4-year-old brother handed over. “So it’s Dad who’s letting him go? I’ll talk to him then, okay?”, Andressa joked. And he captioned the images with the phrase: “Put it on his father’s account.”

Gusttavo Lima raised historic fortune with DVD

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, which still keeps events suspended in Brazil, Gusttavo Lima went to the United States to record his new DVD. And according to columnist Léo Dias, from the “Metrópoles” newspaper, he raised an amount of US$ 800 thousand, equivalent to R$ 4.2 million, at the current rate of the dollar.

And all that amount referred only to the show that the artist did in Boston, the last of the tour in that country, which will result in the new work. Also according to the publication, the amount is the largest ever raised by a musician in history, both in the US and in Brazil.

Despite the surprising numbers, Gusttavo Lima’s presentations did not have an atmosphere of total tranquility. In one of them, in Orlando, the show had to be interrupted by the police because the place did not present safety conditions for a show of that size.