‘I’d rather sleep on the streets of Brazil than go back to Afghanistan,’ says refugee in Porto Alegre

  • Nathalia Passarinho – @npassarinho
  • From BBC News Brazil in London

Nabila and the mother

Credit, Personal archive

Photo caption,

Nabila Khazizadah (right) was resettled in Brazil in 2002, fleeing the war and the Taliban

The girl walks on the dirt streets to buy food at the sale near the house. Suddenly, you hear the deafening roar of an explosion. White dust rises, completely covers the vision. Everything seems suspended in the air until lacerating screams break the silence. Gradually, the eyes return to see the ground, now dyed red. The girl finds herself surrounded by blood that is not hers.

More than once, Nabila Khazizadah was faced with this scene.

“Many people died in front of me. I went out to buy something and I didn’t know if I would come back. The bomb dropped, smoke rose, everything turned white, and suddenly there was blood everywhere.”

It was to prevent the blood on the floor from being hers one day that Nabila and her family sought refuge in India and, later, in Brazil.