In celebration of his birthday, Marcos Mion declares to his wife: ‘The center of my life’

Suzana Gullo turned 45 this Saturday (21) and the presenter Mion, 42, made a true declaration of love for his wife. On a social network, he wrote: ‘The day the center of my life turns 45, Suzana Gullo. For over 16 years, everything revolves around you, Nena. You are the beginning, the middle and the end. Your life, your happiness, your well-being, your health, is mine. They say you only know a woman after you marry her. No, you only meet a woman after you have a child with her! No, you only know your wife after the first serious crisis in your marriage,’ he began.

Then Mion showed her gratitude for being married to Suzana. ‘God, thank you for reserving me a woman who just surprised me at each of these steps. You are the greatest blessing of my life, Nena. His strength, his feet planted in faith, his joy, his disposition for the joy and well-being of our family… the list of praise and thanks is eternal. I just fight to be better every day for you. Because you deserve the best from me. The best of life. I love you’ he wrote.

The presenter also explained the choice of each photo that illustrated the post. ‘1) New York, pause for a click full of love; 2) ‘Put your noses together’, but look what happens with a nappa like mine; 3) A trip that shields us even more! A paradise! But I also chose because my legs are so [ok]; 4) New York again, we like it a lot; 5) First time I joined Projac! You had to be with me because this victory is ours; 6) Pilgrimage in Lourdes, you rescued my faith; 7) A healthy lift; 8) London, broken pose! I love that you, so chic and elegant, always join my follies!’, he finished.

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