Irandhir Santos’ husband celebrates the actor’s 43rd birthday with declaration

Irandhir Santos is completing 43 years of life this Sunday (22), and was honored by her husband, the university professor Roberto Efrem Filho, to whom he has been married for 12 years. At the time, the educator tore up praise and declared he was lucky to live with the Globo actor.

“There’s a world, there’s time for such luck that this is living by your side, counting on your ways of influencing reality and transforming it into newness and difference, desire and hope. You are an ancient force given to surrender and beauty, to what most delicately makes us human, to what is truly worth it.”, he started, on Instagram.

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“I am grateful to witness to you the days, the murmurs of those who rehearse the text as you walk through the house, this irresistible will to live. Happy Birthday my love. I love you enormously, the thread and the linen”, wrote Roberto on Instagram. In the photo, he attached a click of a smiling Irhandir Santos, carrying a flower in his ear.

Irhandir Santos has been away from soap operas since he lived the villain Álvaro in the soap opera Mother’s love. The actor is scheduled to be one of the highlights in the remake of wetland, with its premiere scheduled for next year at 9:00 on Globo.

Irandhir Santos (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

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