It’s #FAKE e-mail from Conecta SUS that invites for the 3rd dose of the Covid-19 vaccine | Coronavirus

The body of the fake e-mail says that the person’s SUS registration was selected to receive an extra dose of the immunizing agent against Covid-19 in the next few days. “The choice of which manufacturer to take is optional, according to availability, and must be made within a maximum period of 72 hours before the dose is applied”, says the viral text.

Then, in the body of the fake email the reader has the option to click a blue button to view a “card”. A notice below states that it is possible to choose the brand for vaccination in person, just print the card and go to a health center with a personal document with a photo.

In these cases, it is always necessary to be careful not to click on any malicious link that could capture the person’s data.

The Minister of Health, Marcelo Queiroga, stated that the third dose of the vaccine will initially be applied to the elderly and health professionals. However, he did not say when the booster dose will start in Brazil and said that more scientific data is needed.

Video: See how to identify if a message is fake