Joey King tells if he would return to A Barraca do Beijo 4

Actress Joey King talked about the possibility of returning to the role of Elle for a potential A Barraca do Beijo 4. In a new interview with Extra, the star did not completely rule out the idea.

“I’m not saying no to anything,” she said of a potential A Barraca do Beijo 4.

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“If someone approaches me in the next few years, saying, ‘Do you want to reprise your role as Elle Evans?’ maybe I’ll say yes, maybe I’ll say no. It will depend a lot on how I feel.”

More about the A Barraca do Beijo franchise

The A Barraca do Beijo franchise consists of teen romantic comedy films developed and released as Netflix original films exclusively for the streaming service.

Based on Beth Reekles’ novels, the plot revolves around Shelly “Elle” Evans and the complications that arise when she starts dating her best friend’s older brother. The franchise explores teenagers’ experiences in high school, popularity, dating and friendship.

All three movies from The Booth of the Kiss, with Joey King, are now available on Netflix.