Kabul journalist shows the streets of Afghanistan’s capital after Taliban rule | Fantastic

Throughout this week, a journalist from Kabul bridged Fantastic with Afghanistan. He went out with a camera through the streets of the capital, guarded by armed militants.

It was Sunday morning (15) when the Taliban extremist group entered the city without any resistance. Kabul, capital of Afghanistan, with 4.5 million inhabitants. Then-President Ashraf Ghani had fled the country.

After 20 years, the country’s capital was back under the control of the Taliban, one of the armed groups that most violate human rights in the world.

In the streets, Taliban patrol the city. One of them walks with a missile launcher on the sidewalk.

Who is behind the camera, writing the diary for Fantástico, is the journalist Saleem Yousofzda. “Well, Kabul changed so immediately. We didn’t expect the Taliban to take over the city so soon. We had a normal life here”, says the journalist.

After the United States announced the withdrawal of its troops, the Taliban launched an offensive. In recent weeks, it conquered the main cities of the country, executing allies of the government, supported by the Americans.

With the taking of Kabul, many journalists are fleeing. But Saleem still wants to stay.

Afghanistan was already one of the most dangerous countries in which to practice journalism. Since 2001, 120 media professionals have been murdered. Many, for the Taliban.

See the full diary in the video above.

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