Kalil, Mayor of Belo Horizonte, explains his relationship with Atlético’s ‘4Rs’

During a press conference this Monday (23) at the Municipality of Belo Horizonte (PBH), where the focus was to talk about the new ban on cheering at stadiums, Mayor Alexandre Kalil (PSD) clarified his relationship with Atlético’s “4Rs”, a term used to describe the club’s main investors. This was a response to a story from Super.FC citing a rivalry between the group and the agent.

After talking about Ricardo Guimarães, from Banco BMG, with whom he exchanged barbs, he mentioned a good relationship with Rubens Menin, from MRV, his son, Rafael Menin, from Banco Inter, Renato Salvador, from Mater Dei hospital, in addition to José Murilo Procópio, vice president of the team.

“I don’t want to leave any expectations. That doesn’t depend on me anymore. I didn’t mention one important thing, which is the rupture of the 4Rs. I have a great relationship with Rubens. I worked with Rafael, his son, to be vice-president. Renato (Salvador), I have a great appreciation for the family. I called Zé Murilo Procópio saying it was time to help Atlético,” he explained.

“About the counterparts, I had a meeting with Menin. It wasn’t through Itatiaia radio, it was with serious people. What is written has to be done. It doesn’t come to invent fashion. As Cruzeiro needs projects, we’re going to demand it, but not we’re going to extrapolate,” concluded Kalil.

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