Kalil on Ricardo Guimares: ‘Unreasonable, virulent, disgusting attack’

Kalil did not spare Ricardo Guimares and classified the speech as “unreasonable, virulent, disgusting attack”. Subsequently, the current mayor of Belo Horizonte said that the entrepreneur does not have the courage.

“I received yesterday (Sunday) an unreasonable, virulent, disgusting attack from Mr. Ricardo Guimares. An attack read, where I had two very big surprises. First, Ricardo Guimares has a new attribute: courage, which was never his strong point. with him in the Atltico and courage was never an attribute of Mr. Ricardo Guimares. And the lack of fluency in reading, because if we reviewed that interview in quotes, he simply read a dictation and, due to the difficulty in reading, maybe it was written by the advisor of press or other people, I don’t care,” he said.

Mineiro hosted the two test events last week. The first game took place on Wednesday, between Atltico and River Plate, from Argentina, for the return of the quarterfinals of the Copa Libertadores.

Even with a series of restrictions and pre-established rules, the match registered crowding and disobedience to the rules.

In light of what was observed on Wednesday, the Municipality of Belo Horizonte met with representatives for brief corrections aiming at a match between Cruzeiro and Confiana, on the last Friday (20th), for the 20th round of the B Series of the Brazilian Championship.

The scenes, however, were similar to the game between Atltico and River, but on a smaller scale.

The city of Belo Horizonte failed the tests and, this Sunday, decided that football games will not be held with fans again until second order.

In addition to the speech against Guimares, Kalil thanked Cruzeiro and America for the way they received the decision regarding the matches to come.

“This attempt is very important to me as the former president of Atltico, this attempt to turn Atltico fans against me and I want to thank Cruzeiro and America, who had mild, calm, without virulence and no nasty speeches, speaking in a radio in Belo Horizonte,” completed Kalil.