Kalil responds to Atltico: ‘2,300 families depend on the fair to eat’

(Photo: Leandro Couri / EM DA PRESS)
Kalil said that 2,300 families live from the traditional point of sale of art, crafts, clothing and food on Sundays on Avenida Afonso Pena, in downtown Belo Horizonte.

The mayor even said that merchants are working to try to feed themselves, a drama experienced by the Brazilian population.

“They are making virulent attacks, mainly from the Atltico on me, which is obviously a case in point, and I will clarify this very calmly” began the mayor.

“The first thing I received was a live yesterday from Sergio Coelho, polite, without judging values, as he says, comparing, because they do not stop making this comparison, of the Hippie Fair with a football game. So, president of Atltico , politely as he was, I mean that 2,300 families depend on the fair, it was closed for more than a year, 2,300 families that need to buy rice, beans and maybe eggs,” explained the mayor.

“The big difference between pleasing an audience of 4,000 in one game and 15, 18, or 20,000 in the other is that there are 2,300 families desperately trying to feed. for a fair where these people starved for so long,” he added.

Athletic President

The president of Atltico, Srgio Coelho, received with surprise the decision of the Municipality of Belo Horizonte to ban the presence of fans in football matches.

The measure was taken this Sunday by the municipal administration due to failures in the COVID-19 health prevention protocols in two test events: Galo x River Plate, on Wednesday, for Copa Libertadores, and Cruzeiro x Confiana, on Friday, for Series B of the Brazilian Championship.

To demonstrate his dissatisfaction with PBH, Srgio Coelho recorded a video without a mask at the Hippie Fair and sent a message to PBH.

“I always come here to the Hippie Fair, I think it’s super cool, a lot of people working, great show. I was surprised by the news, but before I give any position, I’d like to hear from Dr. Jackson Machado, Health Secretary for the municipality of Belo Horizonte, and so is the mayor – I don’t know if he’s going to give us this pleasure to explain ourselves,” said Coelho.

Srgio asked: why Hippie Fair can and football stadium not? “We respect the decision made by them, the Atltico will always fulfill its obligations in my mandate, God willing. But without making any value judgment, I would like to understand why here at the Hippie Fair, earlier, there was more than 30,000 people here,” he stressed.

“Now, at 1:35 pm, look at the tables in the bars. So if there can’t be a public in the stadium, where the fans are obligatorily tested, why is the Hippie Fair with 30 thousand people, no one tested and all without masks, can it? After hearing the explanation, we’ll take a stand. For now, we stay quiet in Minas Gerais”, he added.