Kalil says it came from him back home in Belo Horizonte: ‘It worked out’

“Unlike the passion I have with football, it seems that the clubs came to Belo Horizonte City Hall and asked for the football test event. It is important for fans to know that this, when we talk about football, was an initiative of Alexandre Kalil, who asked the Committee of Confrontation to give us the opportunity to know if we could go back,” he said.

“Pay attention: no manager of any club has been, via official letter, personally, and asking or thinking of the fans. It makes me absurd, how suddenly it seems that we are unilaterally closing football. The fans and the population have to know that we opened unilaterally, after we decided that it deserved a chance, we called the club to put in the protocols, which unfortunately, unfortunately, came to pass,” began Kalil, at a press conference.

A meeting organized by the Municipality of Belo Horizonte between representatives of the municipal government, football clubs – America, Atltico and Cruzeiro – and Minas Arena (the concessionaire responsible for managing Mineiro) was scheduled for 9:00 am on Monday. However, the meeting was canceled with the decision taken by the PBH already at the weekend.