Leila reveals value loaned to Palmeiras for reinforcements and sees no conflict of interest

After the defeat by Palmeiras to Cuiabá, Leila Pereira, candidate for the club’s presidency, commented on relevant issues involving her companies that sponsor Verdão. Despite being president of Crefisa and FAM, the councilor does not believe that she will face a conflict of interests if she is elected in November.

In an interview with Capital radio, Leila revealed the amount she has already invested out of her pocket for Palmeiras to sign players since 2015, guaranteeing that the club will pay 100% of the debt with the sponsors.

“With regard to debts, this topic has already been widely discussed and approved by the Club’s Deliberative Council. Palmeiras is fully capable of complying with these commitments. It will comply, I have no doubt. The investment that was made was around R$ 160 million, I don’t have the exact number in my head,” said Leila.

“A part of this debt has already been paid, because it is guaranteed by assets, which are the players. As players are sold or there is any revenue related to these players, Palmeiras has to repay Crefisa. Palmeiras has paid, this debt has decreased. If the contract of these players with the club expires, Palmeiras has two years to return this amount to Crefisa,” he added.

Leila was firm in answering about a possible conflict of interest, noting that she could trigger the Alviverde Council in any situations involving the sponsors.

“If the member does me the honor of being club president, there’s no problem, I don’t see any incompatibility. My only goal is to work to have a bigger and better club. I’m able to contribute with my experience as a business manager I don’t see any incompatibility. I’m a board member at Palmeiras, I was re-elected and beat my own record, this proves the trust I have in the member. During my tenure, if there is any situation involving Crefisa, I forward it to the Deliberative Council, and the that he decides will be fulfilled,” said the candidate.

Finally, Leila made it clear that her intention is to renew Crefisa’s contract with Palmeiras before the elections, avoiding controversy. The sponsorship link with the club is valid until the end of this year.

“Our intention is to renew this sponsorship contract before the elections. I want to make it clear that what we want is the best for Palmeiras. In the elections, this sponsorship issue will be enshrined, because we intend to sign this contract before. the value will remain the highest in South American football,” he concluded.

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