Leonardo’s son ‘explodes’ a gold bath and singer had to pay R$ 35,000

Can you imagine having to pay R$ 35,000 after your child, in a game, explodes, with the help of fireworks, a gold-plated bathtub in a house under construction? Because it was with a situation like this that the singer Leonardo had to deal with his son Zé Felipe, current husband of Virgínia Fonseca and father of Maria Alice, when the latter was about 12/13 years old. The situation was shared by Zé Felipe himself in the podcast “Podpah”.

In his account, the country singer said that the game started at a June party in Goiânia. “I didn’t know that (the bathtub) was covered with veneer, no. It was a June party, right? And in Goiânia, people like to drop bombs, bomb 4, 12 shots, tongue of fire (…) Then a neighbor gave me a The bathtub owner’s house was still under construction, I tried to get in, but the doors were closed. So, through the bathroom window I threw the bomb, but the window was already on the bathroom, more specifically on the bathtub. have to pay R$35,000”, said he, who is now 23 years old.

At the time, Zé Felipe was seen playing fireworks inside the house through the security cameras at the place. From then on, the owner of the building (and of the R$35,000 bathtub) got in touch with the culprits and Leonardo and the father of Zé’s friend had to pay the amount of the damage caused by the destruction of the bathtub.