Little baby with Covid-19 who moved the population collects money for treatment and starts pulmonary physiotherapy

After leaving her family with a anguished heart and moving the population of the entire region, the worst for little Alicia Vitória Pereira de Sousa, only 6 months old, seems to have passed. She is recovering well from Covid-19. Her mother communicated this Saturday morning (21) that her daughter started pulmonary physiotherapy. The baby girl also collected all the money she needed for the treatment and no longer needed donations.

Patos Hoje spoke with Lorrany de Sousa Brito Pereira, the little one’s mother, around 10:40 am this Saturday. She said that all the money needed to pay off the debts and complete the treatment at home was collected. “We managed to raise R$5,800 for Alicia’s treatment,” he informed. Lorrany thanked everyone who contributed, saying she’s so grateful for all they’ve done.

Lorrany also explained her daughter’s health condition. According to the pediatrician, the condition is stable and recovery with pulmonary physiotherapy was started, as part of the organ had been compromised. A video recorded inside the hospital shows the baby struggling to complete therapy and playing with the physiotherapist. According to the mother, the expectation is that she will be discharged as soon as possible.

The case of little Alicia, shown by Patos Hoje this Friday (20), moved the population of the entire region. Thousands of people liked, commented and shared the news. People’s solidarity also drew attention. In addition to contributing values, they held a prayer chain for the little one’s recovery.

Regarding Lorrany’s oldest daughter, 8-year-old Lara Crystina Pereira de Sousa, another good news. The result was negative for Covid-19. However, the doctors asked to repeat the test in 4 days, as it was done on the first day of symptoms, and it is best to do it on the 5th day.