Luísa Sonza and Marília Mendonça rock in the IMPECTABLE clip of “Melhor Sozinha”, in an unprecedented version of the hit — watch it!

It’s the meeting of the brabas! Luísa Sonza and Marília Mendonça launched, this Sunday (22), the beautiful video of their first partnership: “Melhor Sozinha”. For all the broken hearts on duty, the suffering is complete, ok?

The track, originally released on Luísa’s most recent album, “DOCE 22”, received a remake that included the sertanejo star. Marília’s participation, in turn, gave another face to the song. The duo delivered tuned and harmonized vocals, lavishing all the talent of this union of pop and modão.

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The video and music were recorded on the same day, in Goiânia. The production resembles a good old wine session on the rug between friends, with the right to confidences and advice, a lot of sympathy, delicacy and the same sensitivity as the composition. “Too happy to bring Marília on this project, which has such a unique value for me and for my career. We had so much fun recording this song and we hope everyone enjoys this new version a lot”, evaluated Sonza.

Watch the clip below:

Wow! Here, too, there is a little corner that deserves a lot of acclaim for these two! In the last few days, Luísa had been talking about her new work, raising the expectations of fans. The singer assumed she couldn’t hold back tears every time she watched the production. “The video with Marília is going to tear itself apart, every time I watch it I cry”, she wrote, who added: “The age of suffering comes to everyone”.

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This Saturday (21), Sonza still showed her gratitude for all the opportunities in her life. “Things in my life happen in every way I’m shocked. I swear it’s not me who calculates things, they happen randomly in a very fitting and rather scary way. And I’m f*ck grateful to the universe for that”, said the artist.

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Also last week, Marília and Luísa got together for a live on Instagram. It was during the live broadcast that the two sang the new version of “Better Alone” for the first time. At the time, the meeting excited and left everyone curious about what would come of this feat. Not only that, the stars had a lot of fun and presented a number of other songs to the fans. Another victory for popnejo!

Watch the full below:

All of this comes in the wake of the successful era of Luísa Sonza. The album “DOCE 22”, released a little over a month ago, had already been in the works for a year. In addition to showing the singer increasingly empowered and self-possessed, the songs on the album – all written by her – also explore her weaknesses and vulnerabilities, making this work very personal. Not to mention the many partnerships and incredible references, right?! Listen to the album and find out all the details, clicking here.