Luísa Sonza worries fans after outburst on Twitter: “I’m scared”

Despite being living one of the best moments of his career, that doesn’t mean that Luisa Sonza is 100% fine. In fact, the singer’s personal life, always very exposed, is upside down and this Sunday (22) the artist made a series of outbursts on Twitter that had their fans worried.

Vitão and Luísa Sonza’s relationship recently came to an end (Photo: Reproduction)

“Guys, I’m so tired. When I think my life is finally going to be okay, something happens and I feel bad again. Glad I got you guys. I hope to have them for the rest of my life. I think my purpose in life is just me and you,” said the owner of the album “Sweet 22” in her personal account.

Despite not having spoken openly about what is happening, it is easy to imagine what or who Luísa is talking about. Recently, his relationship with the musician Vitão came to an end. The two seemed to be fine, but after so many controversies involving the singer name, it seems that the relationship did not support all the problems.


“I promise I’ll try to get over it again. I know there are people who are inspired by me and my strength, but I don’t know if I have more strength to give. I’m scared of being weak. I’m afraid of not being able to do my best from here on. I’m scared”, he wrote next.

Many fans left message of support and they made a point of emphasizing how strong the artist is. After all, Sonza has suffered from attacks since he gained more visibility in the music world. Some people also said that Luisa should take time to rest.

While she unburdens herself about her mental fatigue, Luísa Sonza also confirmed her participation in “Domingão”. It’s hard to know how much control an artist actually has over her career. Even so, it is already clear that Luísa is also asking for help.

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