Maju Coutinho exposes the past, delivers her friend’s request and reveals her profession before Globo

Maju Coutinho
Maju Coutinho talks about life before Globo (Image: Reproduction / Globo)

Maju Coutinho revealed in an interview with High Hours (21) who was a teacher before becoming a journalist and TV news anchor at Globo. The famous one brought up the subject because of the theme of this year’s Criança Esperança, education.

“I have a teacher, Vange Fortunato, who was my teacher in teaching, and she always complains that I come here [no Altas Horas] and I don’t count”, commented.

“She says that I am a teacher, because I studied teaching and worked for a short time, but she says that I am and that if I went to Serginho and didn’t speak, she would be very angry”, continued.

“Then it’s registered, Vange. Thank you for being part of my story, and yes I am a teacher!”, he stated. Serginho Groisman asked where Maju Coutinho taught, and she replied:

“I taught for a couple of years, at the City Hall of São Bernardo do Campo, and, before that, for small children at a private school that followed the Montessorian line”.

In her story, the presenter of Jornal Hoje quoted Father Júlio Lancellotti. “In fact, at this school, Father Julio Lancellotti made a round of private schools in the region so that they could house HIV-positive children. It was very important. It was very important in my trajectory”, he pointed out.

In the program, the Globo star won a tribute from her parents, Zilma and João Raimundo. “There are times when we cry, yes. It’s a private cry! I look and often say: ‘It’s our girl’”, touched the mother.


The journalist reacted in an issue of Jornal Hoje against yet another case of racism in the country. The anchor took a stand on the case of the man who needed to take part of the robbery to prove that he had not stolen anything from a supermarket.

“Unfortunately, our everyday racism, which fortunately is being filmed more and more, denounced, so that it is no longer tolerated. The São Paulo police will investigate an approach made by a supermarket security guard in the interior of the state”, reported.

A 56-year-old black man was forced to remove part of his clothes at a wholesale supermarket in Limeira (SP). After the approach, the victim registered a police report for embarrassment at the Civil Police.

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