Maju Coutinho remembers the beginning of his career and surprises

the presenter Maria Julia Coutinho was one of the guests of the Saturday edition (21) of the High hours. She revealed that before entering journalism, she ventured as a teacher and participated in an action involving Father Júlio Lancelotti, with HIV-positive children.

“I have a teacher, who was my teacher in the teaching profession, and she always complains that I come here and don’t tell. She says that I am a teacher, because I studied teaching and worked for a short time, but she says that I am and that if I went to Serginho and didn’t speak, she would be very angry”, told the communicator.

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So it’s registered. Thank you for being part of my story, and I am a teacher!”, said the journalist and followed: “I taught for a couple of years, at the City Hall of São Bernardo do Campo, and, before that, for small children at a private school that followed the Montessorian line”.

“In fact, at this school, Father Júlio Lancellotti made a round of private schools in the region so that they could house HIV-positive children. It was very important. It was very important in my trajectory”, added Maju in conversation with Serginho Groismann.