Marcinho Guerreiro, coach of Juventude-MA, misses Moto Club player

A move beyond curious and rare happened in Brazilian football this weekend, in the victory by 3-1 of Moto Club over Juventude-MA. The coach of the defeated team, former steering wheel Marcinho Guerreiro, in a foul act, knocked down a player from the opposing team on the edge of the field.

The moment came at 42 minutes of the first half, when Moto was still winning 2-1. Henrique went to fix the ball to beat the defender and the coach, remembering his times as an athlete, put his foot forward and took the attacker to the ground .

The match referee immediately stopped the match and gave Marcinho Guerreiro the yellow card. After the bid, the duel continued normally, with Moto expanding the score and guaranteeing the three points.