Marcos Braz says Flamengo does not negotiate with David Luiz, but tries other signings | Flamengo

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During Andreas Pereira’s official presentation this Monday, Marcos Braz, Flamengo’s vice president of Football, as usual answered questions from journalists and spoke about possible new signings for the club. One of the names asked was that of the defender David Luiz, with whom Braz assures that there is nothing in progress.

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– There is absolutely nothing official, nothing close. (David Luiz) is a Brazilian national team player. Three years ago he made a video for my video, they posted it again implying that it was now. The player was in Angra dos Reis for three months, has relatives in Juiz de Fora, if I’m not mistaken. It’s very close to Rio, and this request was made (from the fans). But there’s nothing. If you talk about a defender, there will always be someone on our list and it has to be that way. But we have nothing to talk about David Luiz, there was no proximity, no issue related to the proposal, there is nothing like that – he said.

– What’s wrong is that Bruno (Spindel) knows the market and I know the market, so we know “oh, this player will ask for more or less this, that’s good, that’s bad…”. So we know very well how much David Luiz costs. But there is nothing close, I will not deceive the crowd – completed.

Bruno Spindel, Andreas Pereira and Marcos Braz, Flamengo — Photo: Reproduction

About Thiago Mendes, defensive midfielder of Lyon, Braz hinted that negotiations cooled down after the French club’s recent veto. But he thanked the 29-year-old player for his efforts.

– With regard to Thiago, we started a process, a more complex situation. He is a player who was bought twice by his clubs for more than 15 million euros, and then there are two crazy people there wanting to bring the player on loan, cheap, because of his quality, because we understand that the player can provide us. And we go through the same ritual that we did from the beginning. Do you want to come? Are you interested in helping us? I know about the complex situation within the club, but Bruno and I are not ashamed to deal with any hiring and not take it, we are already past this stage. We like to go to the operation and take it and drag it. But sometimes it’s not possible. We go after the player, ask for help from the family, the understanding of the manager and then make some adjustments – he explained.

– So we went into this ritual, the player did everything to be able to come to Flamengo. In fact, on our trip to Europe, Bruno, the manager and I managed to get the player moving that we never thought we would achieve, the player went and expressed to the club the desire to extend the contract for another two years, earning less, just so I could have the release to come here. Difficult thing to happen. That’s why I have to thank Thiago, regardless of whether we’re going to bring him or not. I respect Lyon’s position. They must understand and know why they thought this path was not a good path, and we understood the decision – concluded Marcos Braz.

About the hiring of Andreas Pereira, Braz filled the ball with the player who will be loaned by Manchester United, from England.

– Once again here very happy representing the board, the president Rodolfo Landim. In a contract that I’m absolutely sure is Flamengo’s level and grandeur. A player who was Belgium’s youth team until he was 17 years old, after that a player who was in the Brazilian team, called up in 2018, played in the Under-20 World Cup for the Brazilian team, eight years at the base of PSV, superqualified player and, of course, a Manchester United player – he said, before adding:

“I think that little by little and over time people will understand the importance of this hiring”.