Marcos Mion debuts on Globo and Fabiana Karla shocks with controversial attitude

Marcos Mion
Marcos Mion appears on Globo in a program for the first time (Image: Reproduction – Globo / Editing – RD1)

Newly hired, Marcos Mion first appeared as host of Globe in this sunday (22). This occurred during Fantástico, when he made a live entry to publicize the campaign for Child Hope.

“Mion, who is making his debut as a presenter here at Globo. It’s Mion at Criesp inside Fant”, announced Poliana Abritta, when she called her network partner.

The new Cauldron owner declared: “Good evening Poliana. I’m already up to speed on the acronyms. I’m getting used to seeing myself every week on Fant. Great pleasure to be here”.

Live, Marcos Mion was next to Fabiana Karla, who ended up making a very unusual joke for the famous man. “It’s a great pleasure to finally meet you, Fabiana Karla”, said the former Record.

“Mion, the pleasure is all mine. I’m feeling very chic to be here at ‘Fantástico’ today alongside Marcos Mion, my new co-worker. Welcome to the new home”, wished the actress, who amended with a joke: “Marcos Mion and Filet Mignon”.

Then, quickly, the presenter returned to talking about his happiness with the new work: “It is redundant for me to say that I am happy, after all I am considered the happiest Brazilian nowadays on the internet”.

This Monday (24), Marcos Mion should participate again in Criança Esperança and may be received by Luciano Huck.

Globo’s new hire will replace the blonde at Caldeirão. Meanwhile, Luciano is preparing to debut in front of Domingão, on September 5th. Globo confirmed that the program will have successful paintings of Caldeirão and Show dos Famosos.

“Starting on September 5th, Domingão com Huck will bring entertainment, fun, emotion and new discoveries to Brazilians in the Show dos Famosos and Quem Quer Ser um Millionaire? and in special matters around the country”, said the note.

The network then detailed the new season of the Show of the Famous, which should have new members on the jury and an unprecedented team of celebrities. “The mission of the participants is to resemble the chosen singers in voice, image and gestures, impressing the judges and the public. At the end of the competition, after weekly disputes with incredible musical numbers, we will have the great champion“, he stated.

Luiz Fabio Almeida

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