Marcos Mion discloses critical situation with his wife in a super sincere text

Marcos Mion
Marcos Mion declares himself to Suzana Gullo on social network (Image: Reproduction / Instagram)

Happy for his debut on Globo, Marcos Mion spoke about her personal life in a super cute post about her marriage to Suzana Gullo. The presenter of the new Caldeirão recalled a crisis in the relationship and tore up praise for his beloved.

“The day the center of my life turns 45”, started on Instagram. “For over 16 years everything has revolved around you, Nena. You are the beginning, the middle and the end. Your life, your happiness, your well-being, your health, is mine”, surprised.

In the text, Mion mentioned the crisis in the marriage, but highlighted that the episode served as a learning curve. “They say you only know a woman after you marry her. No, you only meet a woman after you have a child with her! No, you only meet your wife after the first serious crisis in your marriage. God, thank you for reserving me a woman who only surprised me at each of these steps”, thanked.

“You are the greatest blessing of my life, Nena. His strength, his feet planted in faith, his joy, his disposition for the joy and well-being of our family… the list of praise and thanks is eternal. I just fight to be better every day for you. Because you deserve the best from me. The best of life”, finished.

“Oh my love. I live for you”, replied Suzana in the comments of the publication. Marcos Mion’s statement received more than half a million likes in less than 18 hours.


In a live on Instagram, Marcos Mion expressed one of the most difficult moments in his personal life. “We had a pregnancy along the way, from a little sister who was never even born, she went to stay with Jesus before she even stayed with us”, exposed.

“I always pray for her, I make a point of talking because I had this joy to hear that I was going to be her father. Suzana told me, told me, and she is always in our prayers and I’m sure we’ll meet her and stay with her someday”, expressed.

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