Maria Lina has marks on her body after her son with Whindersson

Maria Lina recorded a video in which he showed marks left by the pregnancy of the child he had with Whindersson Nunes, João Miguel, who did not survive a premature birth of 5 and a half months. The baby was born in May of this year and his death deeply shook his parents, who were reclusive from social networks and are only now appearing again, especially after announcing the end of their engagement.

The student, who received support from the comedian to become an influencer, exhibited some marks left on her body after the boy’s pregnancy and birth. “A lot of people ask if I had streaks during pregnancy and I had it in the chest, which I’m still treating, and I had it in my leg. I didn’t have it on my butt, I didn’t have it on my stomach either, but I had it on my breasts and legs. , a lot, because my breast was gigantic during pregnancy, I wore 54, huge”, revealed Maria Lina.

“Right after pregnancy I avoided wearing strap shirts, because my stretch marks were very red, I still wasn’t treating them. They were kind of evident and I avoided wearing a shirt that showed, I felt bad. Nowadays, I don’t feel anymore bad,” guaranteed the ex-fiancée of Whindersson Nunes.

Maria Lina guarantees that she has no problems with pregnancy marks: ‘Well resolved’

The influencer revealed that today she no longer has problems with stretch marks caused by pregnancy, as well as other famous ones who had babies recently. Celebrities have strived to show their natural and real bodies on the web without retouching filters or Photoshop.

In the video, Maria Lina talked about the brands when she showed off her body in a strapless blouse, the style that she had claimed not to wear right after João Miguel was born. “I’m very well resolved with this, I know I have stretch marks here, I know I have some marks on my leg and it’s okay. These are the marks that my son gave me, my pregnancy was much more special, more beautiful in my life, so I don’t take it as something negative, I accepted my marks”, concluded Maria Lina.

Maria Lina reveals treatment for stretch marks after pregnancy

The Engineering student then revealed to followers that the treatment she does for stretch marks is Fotona, which consists of a laser to smooth the marks, until they disappear after a certain number of sessions. Maria Lina said that she has already turned 4 and that she believes in the treatment.

“It’s the best thing on the market today to treat stretch marks. My stretch marks on the leg are all red and the ones on the chest have some red and some that are already white. I think Fotona is very efficient for treating red stretch marks. whites think it has to be another type of treatment,” she said, noting that she was not sure of the latest information.