Marieta Severo talks about fear of death and her husband’s struggle to recover from the stroke

Marieta Severo defines the last two years as “the most difficult of my life”. The reasons come from the micro and the macro, as she says. The macro is country. The political situation, which includes authoritarianism, conservatism and the restriction of the culture that, according to her, has suffocated freedom of expression.

The micro is the actress’s private universe. In June of last year, Aderbal Freire-Filho, his companion for almost 20 years, suffered a stroke. The two lived a marriage in separate homes, but after the episode, Marieta welcomed him. It is at her house, in the midst of a hospital scheme, that the theater director consciously faces the battle to regain his movements (“I believe he will manage to recover something of his life and ours”).

The fear of death became even more concrete when the actress took on Covid in December. She was hospitalized a few meters from her husband, in the same hospital. Faced with the diagnosis of almost 50% of the compromised lung, he asked the doctor: “Am I going to be intubated and die?”. Fortunately, he got away with it.

And now he’s recording the next 9:00 soap opera “Um Lugar ao Sol”. She plays Dona Noca, a hard-working and easygoing cook who raised her granddaughter (Andréia Horta).

“It’s the most positive character I’ve ever played. She has a lot of life wisdom. He overcame difficult times and turned them into constructive things. Noca always rescues me — says Marieta, who tells how she feels after having turned gray in the pandemic, after more than 30 years covering the hairs with ink and “deceiving” herself that they were still dark.