Mattos back? Leila denies the director’s chance of returning to Palmeiras

Businesswoman Leila Pereira granted her first interview as a candidate for the presidency of Palmeiras to Radio Capital and revealed, exclusively, that she will not bring Alexandre Mattos back to the club if elected. Despite thinking that he did a good job at Alviverde, he also understands that the reality is different now.

Last week, José Roberto Lamacchia, Leila’s husband, wrote to a group of advisers that Mattos has no chance of returning if his wife wins the election. Responsible for sponsoring the club since 2015, Lamacchia stressed that it is “easier for a cow to fly than for it to come back and it can spread it to anyone who wants to”.

– We all know about the work performed by Alexandre Mattos at Palmeiras. But everything has its time. We live another time at the club. I will be objective and direct: if I am elected president, Alexandre will not work with us at Palmeiras again. I think he’s an excellent professional, but his cycle at Palmeiras ended. Thank you for the work, but now it’s looking forward to it – the counselor clarified.

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Asked what she understands to be the role of a football director, the president of Crefisa criticized the attitude of some professionals who only seek the spotlight. For her, the individual in this position needs to be, above all, thoughtful.

– There’s so much publicity about the football director… One thing I know is that it’s not his role to be a “popstar”. Discretion of this professional is required. Nothing is bigger than Palmeiras. He has to be discreet and do his job. Hiring, analysis, cost management. Be careful not to pay amounts out of line with reality. You cannot irresponsibly manage the football department. Always remembering that the last word is from the president – he explained.

At the moment, who occupies the position at Palmeiras is Anderson Barros, hired to adapt the club to a more conservative posture. The president revealed that she is still not sure about the renewal of her contract and should only analyze in the future if she assumes the presidential seat at Alviverde.

– In relation to Anderson, I like him a lot, but we’ll see later. I’ll sit down with him to talk and analyze the work, the income, the costs. So we’ll decide what’s best for Palmeiras. As always – guaranteed.

Maurício Galiotte’s term ends at the end of this year and presidential elections take place in November. In the current scenario, Leila is the strongest candidate and favorite to win the dispute.