Menon: The sunset of Rogério Ceni has begun – 23/08/2021

São Paulo suffered a humiliating defeat by Flamengo, by 5 x 1. And then was eliminated from the Libertadores by Palmeiras with a 3 x 0.

The board, rightly, did not issue a receipt and bet even a nickel on the work of Hernán Crespo.

And the crowd? Some even said that the credit for the title in São Paulo had ended and… nothing more.

Nobody mentioned Rogério Ceni. He, who would be the eternal shadow of any coach at São Paulo, became a passing cloud. It is not taken into account.

Roger Machado was fired from Fluminense. And on social networks, what was seen was a movement by the fans so that Rogério Ceni was not taken into account. Marcao’s confirmation was a relief.

When Rogério Ceni was fired from Flamengo, there was no movement in Fortaleza either for his return. The Vojvoda project seems consolidated.

Ceni pays for poor career management, at least in personal matters. In his resignation from São Paulo, he was treated very badly by former president Leco. It lacked elegance.

And the hate arrived. But Ceni confused Leco with the millions of São Paulo who worship him. And he did everything to unlink his name from the club.

Okay, if he really wanted to start a professional career, it’s good not to be tied to the past. But he joined the desire to dissociate himself from São Paulo with hasty gestures to be accepted by Flamengo. He even compared the two fans, using the parameter of social inclusion, a topic that never suited him well.

He didn’t manage to be an idol there and ceased – in part – to be an idol here.

And, despite important titles – Series A and B champions – their name is not remembered in market transactions. And, remember, it will never be considered in Palmeiras and Corinthians.

As he is hardworking and capable, he must be taking courses and improving himself for new opportunities.

It would be good to add something about human relations and career management to your studies, especially respect for institutions.

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