New bug in Metal Gear Solid stirs up speedrun community

A streamer known as Boba (yes, that’s her nickname) accidentally discovered a bug that can save over two and a half minutes on a Metal Gear Solid speedrun while casually playing and streaming the classic PlayStation game.

The streamer’s accidental discovery left a stir in the speedrunner community this week after Boba posted the snippet regarding the bug on her Twitter. Check out:

What happens is that, with the bug, Boba skips an entire section of escape and shootouts, apparently just aiming for the guards who cornered her in a doorway.

In case you’re thinking that the bug could have been a one-time event and not necessarily a recurring one, know that speedrunners have tested and managed to reproduce the act, confirming that by detonating a chaff grenade in Solid Snake’s hands, the trick kicks into action.

The bug was even named Boba Skip, in honor of the streamer who discovered it. And now, Metal Gear Solid’s speedrun time could set a new world record.

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