‘New Egypt’: Fantastic Shows Pyramids Paradise with Bitcoin

Fantástico once again returned to Cabo Frio to show that ten companies are being investigated by the Public Ministry, Federal Police and CVM, including the largest in the region, Gas Consultoria.

This is the second report on the Sunday night program with the highest ratings on the subject in two consecutive editions. What caught our attention was the case of Wesley Pessano, who was shot dead last month while driving in a luxury vehicle in the Lakes Region.

This episode of extreme violence ended up revealing a problem in the region, with the presence of at least 10 companies identified as financial pyramids, which had repercussions on Fantástico.

Competitors in attracting customers, they would even be trying to kill competing ‘traders’ and ‘businessmen’, suggests the line of investigation adopted by the police.

In the region, the The company that draws the most attention from the authorities is Gas Consultoria, under the command of Glaidson Acacio Dos Santos and his Venezuelan wife Mirelis Yoseline Diaz Zerpa, who are listed as partners in the company’s register with the Federal Revenue.

Fantástico returns to talk about the situation in Cabo Frio and the investigation against Gas Consultoria

According to Fantástico, Cabo Frio earned the nickname “New Egypt” and can already be the paradise of the pyramids. With several companies in the region operating schemes similar to financial pyramids, the problem is only growing.

Last Sunday (22), Fantástico showed that it had access to the records of the investigation by the Public Ministry against Gas Consultoria, revealing that the company has even been heard by prosecutors.

In his speech, Glaidson Acacio said that his company does not operate in the field of cryptocurrencies, but only in artificial intelligence, information technology, robotic computing and software production, providing consultancy on these topics.

In April 2021, more than R$7 million were seized in a helicopter in Búzios, money that belonged to Gas Consultoria, said Fantástico. Thus, Glaidson is also investigated by the Federal Police, with an open inquiry.

In addition, the Brazilian Securities Commission (CVM) has already issued its opinion stating that this company has evidence that it operates a financial pyramid scheme. Thus, another inquiry investigates the actions of Gas Consultoria that may be a crime against the popular economy.

It is worth noting that Gas Consultoria does not have websites or social networks to present itself to clients. The report even tried to contact Glaidson through the phones available in the company’s registry, but failed.

In a statement, the company ended up positioning that Gas, Glaidson’s company, works only in the field of technology consulting, does not condone illegalities and is available to the authorities and everyone for clarification.

Crime trail in the sights of local authorities

With all these problems, the cryptocurrency market in Cabo Frio and Região dos Lagos is under the gun of local authorities, who have set up a task force to investigate the complaints already received.

However, the possible coups have already started to end their operations in the place with strong pressure from investors and police inquiries. In early July, an armed group protested against a Bitcoin company in Cabo Frio, Black Warior, which ended up closing its activities in the city after this episode.