New PlayStation 5 goes on sale; see what changes

A new PlayStation 5 (PS5) was discreetly offered for sale by Sony. Last weekend, the website of games press start, from Australia, reported that an all-new version of the console’s Digital Edition has appeared in stores. In addition, the publication confirmed that all new units arriving in the region carry an updated serial number (CFI-1102A), making the country the first to receive this updated model.

The new PS5 Digital Edition was unveiled for the first time last month in July. Differences to the original hardware, however, are very few. Now, the latest version of the console is 300 grams lighter (from 3.9 kg to 3.6 kg), but it’s not clear what Sony has removed or altered to reduce the weight.


Revised PS5 models also include a slightly different screw to secure the optional bracket to the base of the console – which no longer requires a screwdriver. The new tuner has a handle on top so it can be easily adjusted by hand.

With only 4 months to market, PS5 is the fastest selling console in US history.
New PS5 is lighter and is on sale now; check out all the details. Image: Sony/Disclosure

Apart from these details, not even the Press Start or Sony have confirmed other changes – and for now, it looks like this is the only revision of any PS5, as the console was only released about 10 months ago. Although it’s already on sale, the company behind the hardware has yet to formally announce the new version of the Digital Edition.

It’s also worth noting that although Sony has eliminated the need for a screwdriver for the recommended dock support, the player will still need one to access the optional removable M.2 SSD storage on the console – in fact, there are already options available on the console. market in case you want to add more space to the PS5.

The company plans to officially release removable SSD storage only in an upcoming software update. O update, currently available exclusively to beta testers, still includes UI improvements to the new PlayStation’s dashboard, 3D audio support for built-in TV speakers, and a better way to differentiate between PS4 and PS5 game versions.

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Source: The Verge

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