New revised PS5 model goes on sale in Australia

Sony’s first PlayStation 5 hardware revision has been quietly put up for sale. The new hardware version of the PS5, which was first mentioned through a Japanese product manual last month, went on sale in Australia this week, as reported by Press-Start (via VGC).

The model in question is a console with a disc player, unlike the digital hardware detailed in last month’s product manual, and features an updated model number.

While the PS5 launch hardware uses a CFI-1XXX model numbering scheme, the product listed in the Sony documentation and Australian model seen this week uses the new CFI-11XX scheme.

As per the detailed hardware review last month, the updated PS5 has been confirmed to feature a new screw to secure the console to its bracket, which can now be adjusted manually rather than requiring a screwdriver.

The new hardware also weighs less than the PlayStation 5 launch console, at 3.6kg, or 300g less than the original hardware. It is unclear whether any other changes have been made to the internal hardware.

PS5 Revised

PS5 Revised