New York interrupts reopening show because of storm

The city of New York, for reasons of weather, interrupted the show for 60,000 people this Saturday that would celebrate the reopening of the city after the isolation measures against the Covid-19 pandemic.

The event had already started when a storm and a series of lightning strikes began to hit the region, motivating the event organizers to ask the public to leave the area.

“Due to the approaching bad weather, all event participants should calmly move to the nearest exits and proceed to areas outside the park. This is NOT an emergency,” New York police reported via social media

The region is close to being hit by Hurricane Henri. Despite the forecast of a storm, the town’s mayor, Bill de Blasio, had ensured that the event would run normally. Both the city and the state of New York are in attention because of the hurricane.

The event, held in Central Park, the city’s traditional tourist spot, would count on big names in music, such as Bruce Springsteen, Jennifer Hudson and Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli.

Despite the stoppage, the event organizers are studying to resume it if weather conditions improve in the next few hours.