Nobru is banned from Twitch after broadcast of Brasileirão | free fire

World and Brazilian Free Fire champion for Corinthians in 2019, Nobru was invited by Athletico-PR to broadcast the match between the two clubs with images this Sunday from 4 pm. The only thing imposed by the Hurricane is that the transmission is only for subscribers (subs).

Nobru spoke after the ban and reaffirmed that he had authorization to broadcast images of the Brasileirão match. The streamer revealed that he will file a lawsuit against “who took down the live” without naming names. Check out:

– Game was authorized to be broadcast, I’m not crazy to broadcast something without consulting or having family permission, but relax, we’ll reactivate the channel and file a lawsuit with who took down Live, hugs and I’m coming home, GO CORINTHIANS! !! – posted.

The same happened in late June with another streamer authorized by Athletico-PR to broadcast a game of the club on Twitch. Fernando “Fefux” was banned by DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act, Digital Millennium Copyright Act). Since then, the FIFA 21 Tournament Caster has been playing Hurricane games lives with geoblock, which only allows Brazilian residents to watch the content.