Offensive? Samsung jokes about Steve Jobs and annoys users

The case was pointed out by Twitter user Yahia Sayed. According to him, the description of the default theme of One UI 3.1 in Samsung’s iTest app for iOS, which presents an offense referring to Steve Jobs. Check the description:

Samsung users are all unique and they like their phones to be unique too. None “high collar wearer” should dictate how your phone is. Check out some of the other themes…

Although the description doesn’t mention Steve Jobs’s name, it’s easy to spot the reference, as turtlenecks and jeans were hallmarks of his wardrobe at Apple presentations. The CEO’s idea was to show that he preferred something more practical and comfortable over a suit.

Samsung’s prank caused the revolt of many internet users, including the one who reported the incident. According to many of them, saying something like this in 2021 is ridiculous, especially considering that it was 10 years since Steve Jobs passed away in October, one of the most striking facts for the world of technology, which was revolutionized by creations like the iPod and the iPhone .

What do you think of the case? Was Samsung really offensive in this reference?