Olympique de Marseille president says the league contravened refereeing by restarting the game with only Nice on the field: ‘Unacceptable’

O Marseille Olympics lost to the nice 1 to 0, this Sunday (22), for the third round of the Call 1, when a general confusion began, 30 minutes into the second half.

Fans invaded the pitch and the match was interrupted for over an hour. After the two teams went to the locker room, the hosts returned to the field to warm up, while the visitors refused to return. The arbitration gave WO

After the match, the president of the French club, Pablo Longoria, criticized the league’s decision to resume the match and even stated that it went against the refereeing

“The League decided to resume the game. For the safety of our players who were attacked, we decided not to resume the game because safety was not guaranteed. We live this in Montpellier. What happened today is totally unacceptable”, reacted the president on the club’s channels.

“We must set precedents for French football. The referee was with us, confirmed to me and Jorge Sampaoli that safety was not guaranteed. His decision was to stop the match. The League decided, as a matter of public order, to resume the game. This is not acceptable for us, so we decided not to resume the game and return to Marseilles tonight,” he added.

Nice fans spent much of the match throwing bottles on the field in Olympique’s corner kicks. Until 30 minutes into the second half, Payet retaliated and threw the object back into the stands. From then onwards, a generalized confusion arose. Members of organized supporters invaded the field and security guards tried to contain the situation. The players returned to the locker room and the game was suspended.

With about 50 minutes of stoppage, the president of Nice spoke with the fans, who celebrated. The home team returned to the field and began to warm up. Marseille’s Olympique, on the other hand, did not return to the pitch.