Palmeiras has a verbal agreement to renew with Crefisa for another three years – 08/23/2021

Palmeiras and Crefisa have agreed to renew their contract for another three years. Team and sponsor have been talking in recent days with the aim of already signing the new agreement that would run until 2024 before the election for president, which will probably be held in November this year.

The conversations pass through the hands of Maurício Galiotte, president, and Leila Pereira, councilor and candidate for the presidency in the next election, but they are also known by the club’s finance department.

According to what the blog, the agreement will keep the value at around R$ 81 million per year, in addition to the already foreseen bonuses for achievements. Libertadores 2020, for example, earned an extra R$ 12 million, in addition to the amount paid by Conmebol. The Copa do Brasil, in turn, was worth an extra R$ 6 million from the sponsor.

The bond has not yet been signed, but both parties have already verbally agreed to the terms presented. In an interview with Radio Capital on Sunday, Leila Pereira spoke about her candidacy for the presidency and said she would like to renew the agreement before the election.

She denied that there is a conflict of interest in being, at the same time, owner of the sponsor, creditor and president of Palmeiras.

“Journalists should focus not on who puts money into the club, but on who spends it irresponsibly. I don’t see any conflict. Our intention is to renew this contract before the elections. The amount will remain the highest in South American football,” he explained.

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