Paolla Oliveira and Diogo Nogueira attend a barbecue promoted by chef Monique Gabiatti | celebrities

Paolla Oliveira and Diogo Nogueirareproduction

Posted 22/08/2021 21:36 | Updated 08/22/2021 9:38 PM

Sunny Sunday combines with barbecue. Paolla Oliveira and Diogo Nogueira may say so. This Sunday, the couple attended a barbecue at a hotel in Ilha Grande, in Angra dos Reis. The event was promoted by the famous chef de cuisine, Monique Gabiatti.

The chef posted photos with the couple on social networks and was full of praise for the two. “Why so much beauty together,” wrote Monique in an image. In addition, she also shared a video of Diogo Nogueira singing the song “Pé na Areia”. While performing, Paolla enjoyed her lover’s show.

On Saturday, in an appearance on Globo’s “Se Joga” program, Paolla announced that she got a song from her boyfriend and talked about her new passion. “I’m awesome, right? I won music and I couldn’t stand it… I played! It’s a sweet hurricane. A tornado of joy,” said the actress.