Parents Arrested After Falsifying Vaccination Certificates to Travel to Hawaii | World

Couple fakes his and their children's vaccination certificates to travel to Hawaii and is discovered for 'exaggeration'
Disclosure/Honolulu Police Department

Couple fakes his and their children’s vaccination certificates to travel to Hawaii and is discovered for ‘exaggeration’

A couple from the United States traveled to Hawaii. However, to enter the state, vaccination against Covid-19 is mandatory (or a quarantine is required) and the parents decided to falsify the certificates. But they ended up exaggerating and making false documents for the children, whose immunization has not yet been approved by the country’s authorities.

Enzo and Daniela Dalmazzo live in Florida and went to Honolulu, the Hawaiian capital on August 11th, therefore the four fake vaccination certificates. However, due to the children’s age, the agents realized that it was a copy. The information is published by the local newspaper West Hawaii Today.

Forged vaccination certificates

The two were indicted for falsifying their own vaccination documents. In addition, Daniela will also answer for the proofs of the children, since she is identified as the author of the fraud.

Both can be sentenced to up to 1 year in prison and a fine of around US$5,000, or something in the range of R$27 thousand in direct conversion.

Under local law, fully vaccinated travelers in the United States and its territories must upload a vaccination record into the program’s system to circumvent a mandatory 10-day quarantine and pre-trip test. Travelers must also have a hard copy of their registration on hand upon arrival in Hawaii. The state also accepts digitally validated records.