PBH committee infectologist explains reasons for vetoing fans in stadiums

Unaí Tupynambás, the Belo Horizonte City Council Committee against Covid-19, spoke to radio Super 91.7 FM about the measure taken by the City of Belo Horizonte to veto the return of the public to the stadiums after the incidents that took place at the Atlético and Cruise, carried out during the week.

The infectious disease specialist explained the reasons that led him to take the decision to go back on releasing part of the public to the stadium. He cited the crowding in games between Atlético and River Plate and Cruzeiro and Confiança.

“These events did not pass the test. It is a test event and we saw that it is impossible to have an inspection in the field. We saw people without a mask. This inspection is almost impossible. In view of the threat of the delta variant, the City Hall and the The committee thought it was better to go back and not allow the presence of the public in the stadiums. If this inspection is already difficult in the bars, in the stadium it is almost impossible.”

In his view, the focus now is to aim at immunizing the population of the capital to prevent the growth of cases of infection.

“The most important thing now is to ensure safety and expand vaccination. We remind you that by September we will have almost the entire population with the first dose, over 18 years of age. We hope that by the end of the year, the entire population will be vaccinated. And then yes. we will be able to discuss the impact of this delta variant in our environment”.

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