Piqué tried to buy part of the club, says newspaper

Icon of Barcelona, ​​defender Piqué tried to buy part of the club through Kosmos, an investment fund in which he is one of the owners. The information is from the Sport newspaper.

According to the vehicle, the 34-year-old intended to bid for 49% of Barça Corporate’s operations, a merger of the club’s four well-known projects: Barça Academy, Barça Innovation Hub, Barça Licensing & Merchandising (BLM ) and Barça Studios.

The case also occurred during the administration of Josep Maria Bartomeu, who resigned from his position in October last year after a strong political and economic crisis at the club, a fact that later triggered Lionel Messi’s departure from Catalonia.

At the time, also according to Sport, Bartomeu did not even allow the presentation of a formal proposal by the company from Piqué by Barça Corporate.

The rejection was because, if the negotiation had started, there would be a violation of the code of ethics imposed on the club’s employees.

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